The Monument to
the Patriots

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The Monument to the Patriots

At 19-8 Naechon maeul-gil, Gangseo-gu (by Mitasa Temple, 81-3, San, Gaehwa-dong) is a Monument to the Patriots.
It commemorates over 1,100 deceased patriots, including Kim Mu-jung, commander of 3rd Battalion, 12th Regiment, 1st Division of the ROK Army, which safeguarded Gimpo Airport during the Korean War. The troops of the 1st Division who defended the Western front in Yeonback, Hwanghae-do, bordering the 38th parallel, were forced to retreat toward Gimpo Airport.
They bolstered their defenses on Gaehwasan Mountain, and fought against the 6th Division of the North Korean People's Army. In this battle, over 1,100 soldiers from the 13th and 15th Regiments died.

To commemorate the patriotism of the young unknown soldiers who died to protect their country and its freedom, and to develop the patriotic spirit of the people and utilize this site as an educational space that shows the true horrors of war to the generations for whom it is not within living memory, the Monument to the Patriots was erected on December 31, 1993.
In November after the year's harvest, residents of all ages gather to perform ancestral rites.


  • Subway Line 5 Gaehwasan Station Exit 2