Gyeomjae Jeong Seon
Art Museum

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Gyeomjae Jeong Seon Memorial Museum

Gyeomjae Jeong Seon was a master of real landscape painting who left behind a rich legacy of masterpieces depicting Seoul and the Hangang River, including the Eight Scenic Views of Yangcheon, while he served as the chief of Yangcheon-hyeon (currently, Gangseo-gu). It is particularly interesting to see his works depicting the historic views of Gangseo near the Hangang River, including Yisujeong, Soyojeong, Gaehwasa Temple, Yangcheonhyeona, Jonghaecheongjo, Gongpyeongcheungtap, Seolpyeonggiryeo, Soakhuweol, and Soangnu. The Gyeomjae Jeong Seon Memorial Museum was established to commemorate this historical figure in the area of the former Yangcheon-hyeon where he served as governor (current 239 Gayang-dong, Gangseo-gu). This museum offers a space for historical and cultural tours connecting the Yangcheon Fortress Site, Soangnu Pavilion and Yangcheonhyanggyo Local Confucian School and the cradle of real landscape paintings, contributing to promoting Korean paintings worldwide (opened on April 23, 2009).


  • Subway Line 9 Yangcheonhyanggyo Station
  • Buses 6631, 6712, 6633, 9602, Gangseo 06