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International Sister and Friendship Cities

flag of Penrith


Sister city since : Dec. 9, 1994

Located 55km west of Sydney, the central city of South Australia, Penrith is a quiet city situated at the foot of the Blue Mountains. Its main industries include livestock and dairy production. The city has a thriving tourist industry thanks to the local Penrith Valley, where visitors can enjoy exhilarating rafting. It has excellent boating and canoe race courses that were used in the 2000 Sydney Olympics.

flag of Zhaoyuan


Sister city since : Nov. 4, 1998

Located in the northwestern part of the Shandong Peninsula, Zhaoyuan is the largest gold-producing region in China, and has been dubbed the "City of Gold." Along with the well-developed gold mining industry, it produces tires, electronic parts and even apples. The city's culinary specialty is vermicelli, most of which is exported to Korea and Japan.

flag of Tarlac


Sister city since : Jan. 18, 2010

Tarlac City in the province of Tarlac lies 100 km northwest of Manila, the capital of the Philippines and is located in the middle of Luzon Island. It is a thriving and prosperous new engine in the development of the Philippines. The city is the hometown of Corazon Aquino, the country's former President, and Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, its current President. It is the center of the country's pro-democracy movement. With the friendly exchange agreement signed between Tarlac and Gangseo in October 2009, the two cities are expected to spur their exchanges in various areas, including culture, economy and education.

flag of Otaru


Sister city since : DJuly. 22, 2010

To Japanese people, Otaru is the city of history and romance with an indescribably exotic atmosphere. It was once the economic heart of Hokkaido and the center of a thriving herring fishing industry. The city has a robust business district dominated by financial institutions and has been called Japan's "Northern Wall Street." The architecture of downtown Otaru features European stone buildings alongside old traditional Japanese buildings. The most famous landmark of Otaru is the tranquil Otaru Canal, which runs alongside old stone warehouses. At night, the canal is illuminated by gas lights. The Otaru Canal is a place of warmth and romance, no matter the season or time of day.

flag of Changning Destrict, Shanghai

Changning District, Shanghai

Sister city since : Aug 27, 2013

Changning District is located at the center of the Pushi region, which is the urban center of Shanghai. Home to Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport, the city is an inseparable sister city for Gangseo District, which is home to Gimpo Airport. Changning District is the embassy quarter of Shanghai and houses 19 foreign consulates and over 200 official diplomatic residences, indicating the central role it plays in international affairs. Korean diplomatic missions there include the Korean Consulate. With a new shuttle line between Gimpo and Hongqiao, the friendly cooperative relationship between the two cities is expected to strengthen.

flag of Nottingham, United Kingdom

Nottingham, United Kingdom

[Letter of intent for friendly exchange cooperation]
Signing : Aug. 25, 2010

The City of Nottingham, one of the key cities of the central-eastern region of England, is famous for the legend of Robin Hood. During the Industrial Revolution, it was known as the world's factory of lace and bicycles. In 1887, on the 60th anniversary of the coronation of the Queen Victoria, Nottingham was granted a city charter and has been recognized ever since as the City of Nottingham.