Seokjeon-daeje Ritual

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What is Seokjeon-daeje Ritual?

Seokjeon-daeje Ritual is a large-scale event held in a munmyo, a Confucian shrine. This is a ritual typically held in countries where Confucian ideas of respect, courtesy and manners are emphasized. It is also known as the Munmyodaeje Seokjeon-je Ritual (a ritual where meats and music are presented). The Seokjeon-daeje Ritual is held in February and August in honor of Confucius and other esteemed figures of learning and virtue. Through this ritual, ancestors solidified their loyalty and filial love. It is a valuable part of traditional culture that allows us to deepen our understanding of our cultural assets. The Seokjeon Ritual is a ritual to Confucius held at Confucian shrines. The ritual has been held at the Sung Kyun Kwan School and all other Confucian schools across the nation to commemorate Confucius and promote his thought of loyalty and filial piety since the times of King Taejong, the third king of the Joseon Dynasty. Yangcheonhyanggyo Local Confucian School, currently the only Confucian school in Seoul, holds the Seokjeon Ritual twice a year in spring and summer to recreate the lifestyle of our ancestors and pass on their spirit of loyalty and filial piety to preserve and hand down our unique traditional culture.

  • Date
  • Every February and August of the lunar calendar from 11:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.
  • Venue
  • The Main Hall of Yangcheonhyanggyo Local Confucian School
  • Content:
  • Spring (Lunar Feb.) Seokjeon-daeje Ritual commemorating Confucius, Autumn (Lunar Aug.)
    Seokjeon-daeje Ritual celebrating the birth of Confucius


  • Changhol: Call back the spirit.
  • Jeonpyerye: Burn incense and make a deep bow and offer gifts.
  • Choheonrye: Offer the first liquor cup and read a written prayer.
  • Aheonrye: Offer the second liquor cup.
  • Jongheonrye: Offer the third liquor cup.
  • Bunheonrye: Burn incense and offer a liquor cup.
  • Eumbokrye: Drink the liquor at the ancestral tablets.
  • Cheolbyeondu: Collect the offering and the written prayer.
  • Mangryorye: Burn the offering and the written prayer.

Spring/Autumn Seokjeon-daeje Ritual

Five Sages of China, Four Sages of Sung Dynasty
of China and 18 Sages of Korea, all honored at the
Daeseongjeon Shrine

  • Five Sages of China: Confucius, Ancius, Jeungcius, Jascius and Mencius
  • Four Sages of the Sung Dynasty of China: Jeongho, Juhee, Judonyi, and Jeongyi
  • Eighteen Sages of Korea: Choi Chi-won, Seol Chong, Jeong Mong-ju, An Hyang, Kim Goeng-pil, Lee Eon-jeok, Jo Gwang-jo, Kim In-hu, Lee Hwang, Lee Yi, Seong Hon, Jo Heon, Kim Jang-saeng, Song Si-yeol, Kim Jip, Park Se-chae, Song Jun-gil