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Gangseo Community
Empowered by the Olympic Sports Center

Inspired to enjoy healthy and pleasant hobbies with the help of the professional expertise of our lecturers.


Item Description
Name Gangseo Community Olympic Sports Center (02-3661-1999)
Address 62 Hwagok-ro 65-gil, Gangseo-gu, Seoul
(Gangseo Community Olympic Sports Center, Deungchon-dong)
Size Four basement levels, and three above-ground levels. Total floor area 11,357m2
Main facilities Swimming pool, fitness club, kid sports club, large gym, table tennis, aerobics,
and youth education center
Swimming pool
Total water storage: 671 tons - Daily filtration: 20 tons (50 tons in summer)
Open hours Weekdays (Mon~Sat) : 06:00~22:00
Sunday: 09:00~17:00
- Ordinary months: Every third Sunday, holidays
- Summer: (Jul - Aug) - Holidays (Open on Sundays)
- Winter: (Nov - Feb) - 1st and 3rd Sundays, national holidays

Facilities by level

Facilities by level
Level Use Program
Level 3 Youth education center Jazz dance, Latin dance, belly dance, dance sports,
diet gymnastics, kendo
Aerobics center Aerobics, ballet, hip hop dance, TV show dance
Level 2 Large gym Badminton, basketball, kendo, fulsal, etc.
Cultural program center Yoga, hypogastric breathing, taekgyeon
Table tennis center Table tennis only
Level 1 Fitness club Various aerobic exercise equipment,
sports diagnosis center
Kids sports class Kids sports class
Office Maintenance office
Auxiliary equipment Sports shop, convenience store
Basement Level 1 Multi-purpose room Night dance, club dance, rhythmic gymnastics, Pilates
Indoor golf center Indoor golf
Basement Level 2 Swimming pool Swimming
Basement Level 3 Parking lot Parking stalls
Basement Level 4